Let's discover the story of Idealis Consulting 

It all started in 2001, when André Bake, the CEO of Idealis Consulting, finished his Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. Wishing to gain experience and meet new people in the professional world, he began his career as an IT consultant where he wore many hats: developer, SAP HR consultant, project manager, business manager. 

Idealis Consulting was founded in September 2007 with a first SAP HR contract with the pharmaceutical company GSK. Over time, the projects developed in both HR and logistics. An SAP team of 5 people was created. 

After being approached by numerous SMEs looking for a more accessible and affordable ERP, Idealis Consulting launches in 2009 on OpenERP, which is our current Odoo.

A fast-growing company, victim of its own success

Thanks to this growing development, Idealis Consulting now has a team of more than 50 people who are passionate about the IT world. Our IT consultancy company works with more than 50 partners in various sectors who trust us.

In addition to Odoo and SAP software, our teams innovate and create vertical solutions that meet the specific needs of certain sectors such as Smart Biotech, Business Center, Food Delivery and eCommerce. These solutions allow our partners to limit production costs and benefit from rapid implementation. 

Idealis is first and foremost a large family that works together every day to give the best of themselves thanks to the sharing of skills, mutual aid, collective good humour, etc. Thanks to this cohesion, we are a fast-growing company with major objectives each year